General Terms and Conditions


Matthias Syska

Mannhardtstrasse 6

80538 Munich

Update: February 2024

1. Scope

 The terms and conditions apply to contracts between ROOMS4PEOPLE and the Organizer (tenant) for the seminar-, workshop-, training- and / or coaching room to be rented.

2. Conclusion of the contract and scope of the contractual obligations

2.1 The contract is only concluded when the ROOMS4PEOPLE accepts the application in writing / confirms it. It is sufficient to send the application acceptance / confirmation by email. Contractual partners are ROOMS4PEOPLE and the Organizer (tenant), unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. The individual participants of the event as well as course instructors and / or their companions are only contractual partners with an express and separate agreement between ROOMS4PEOPLE and the Organizer (tenant).

2.2 These contractual conditions also apply to the individual participants of the events as well as course leaders and / or their companions and all other persons who are included in the contractual relationship by the Organizer (tenant). The Organizer (tenant) must inform the persons involved in the contractual relationship of the validity of these contractual conditions and the right to be handed over by ROOMS4PEOPLE at any time.

2.3 ROOMS4PEOPLE undertakes to provide the booked premises and services in accordance with the agreed requirements.

2.4 The Organizer (tenant) guarantees that the booked event will take place in the ROOMS4PEOPLE premises and is obliged to pay the agreed prices for the services. The obligation to pay also applies to such special services and expenses from ROOMS4PEOPLE to third parties, which were arranged by ROOMS4PEOPLE on behalf of the Organizer (tenant).

2.5 The subletting or subletting of the rooms provided requires the prior written consent of ROOMS4PEOPLE.

3. Prices, down payment, payment, offsetting, cancellation

3.1 The prices for the products and services of ROOMS4PEOPLE can be found in the current overview on the website and / or in the offers made in writing. The prices listed in the overview are exclusive of VAT. Payment will be due when booking or, as described in the written offer, after the service has been performed. If the booked time is exceeded, ROOMS4PEOPLE reserves the right to calculate the actual length.

3.2 ROOMS4PEOPLE is entitled to request a reasonable advance payment at any time. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates can be arranged individually.

3.3 Payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer to the landlord’s account. Payment is also possible with all common debit or credit cards directly on site. Appointment booking via the calendars on the website is completed upon payment. In exceptional cases, payment can also be made on site in cash.

3.4 Cancellation / change of dates

The following rules for changing dates and cancellations apply to the binding bookings of all rooms:

Events / appointments that have been booked for at least 6 hours per day and / or on at least 2 consecutive days can be cancelled and / or changed:

– up to 1 week (7 days) before the event: free of charge

– 4-6 days before the meeting: 75% of the costs will be charged

– ≤ 3 days before the meeting: 100% of the costs will be charged

Events / appointments, meetings booked for less than 6 hours a day can be changed / cancelled free of charge up to 1 day (24 hours) before the appointment. For cancellations / changes <1 day (24 hours) before the appointment, 100% of the costs will be charged.

The regulation regarding the costs of cancellation / changes are also applicable if the customer (tenant) does not attend the event for reasons that ROOMS4PEOPLE is not responsible for (e.g. force majeure, cancellation of participants in the event, etc.). The regulation regarding the costs of cancellation / change are not applicable if cancellation / change takes place for reasons for which ROOMS4PEOPLE is responsible or if ROOMS4PEOPLE sublet the rental property on the same terms

4. Withdrawal by ROOMS4PEOPLE

4.1 If an invoice, an agreed advance payment or security deposit is not made within a period set for this purpose, ROOMS4PEOPLE is entitled to withdraw from the contract. The same applies in the event that a debit attempted due to a direct debit authorization fails.

4.2 Furthermore, ROOMS4PEOPLE is entitled to withdraw from the contract for important reasons, in particular if:

– Force majeure or other circumstances for which ROOMS4PEOPLE is not responsible that make it impossible to fulfil the contract;

– Events with misleading or false information about essential facts, e.g. of the Organizer (tenant) or the purpose of the event.

– there is good reason to believe that an event will impact smooth business operations and the safety or reputation of ROOMS4PEOPLE in public risk, without this being attributable to the domain or organizational area of ​​ROOMS4PEOPLE;

– ROOMS4PEOPLE becomes aware of circumstances that the contractual partner’s financial situation has deteriorated significantly after the contract was concluded, especially if the Organizer (tenant) does not settle due claims or does not provide sufficient security and therefore payment claims by ROOMS4PEOPLE appear to be at risk.

4.3 If ROOMS4PEOPLE withdraws from the contract justifiably, the Organizer (tenant) is not entitled to compensation.

4.4 ROOMS4PEOPLE has the Organizer (tenant) from exercising the right of withdrawal to be informed immediately in writing. An explanation by email is sufficient.

5. Lessor’s liability

5.1 In the event of malfunctions or defects that occur with regard to the services of ROOMS4PEOPLE, ROOMS4PEOPLE will immediately endeavour to remedy the situation.

5.2 ROOMS4PEOPLE is not liable for damages for initial defects in the rented property. ROOMS4PEOPLE is also not liable for items brought in by the tenant.

6. Liability of the Organizer (tenant) – provision of security

6.1 The Organizer (tenant) is liable for all damage and soiling, such as those on the building or inventory, caused by event participants or visitors, employees or other third parties from his area or himself. A room handover report is not created. In the event of any damage / property damage, the damage must be reported to ROOMS4PEOPLE with confidence and immediately and replaced. If the previous tenant discovers any damage, ROOMS4PEOPLE must be informed immediately.

6.2 The Organizer (tenant) is obliged to take out sufficient insurance for such liability cases. ROOMS4PEOPLE is entitled to request proof of appropriate insurance. ROOMS4PEOPLE can require the Organizer (tenant) to provide adequate security (e.g. deposits, guarantees, etc.).

6.3 The event Organizer (tenant) alone is responsible for complying with public law requirements and obligations. If ROOMS4PEOPLE is claimed by third parties from the non-fulfilment of such conditions and obligations, the Organizer (tenant) undertakes to release ROOMS4PEOPLE from these claims.

7. Behaviour / Order

7.1 Nothing may be attached to walls, tables or other furnishings without the consent of ROOMS4PEOPLE. Due to possible damage, the installation and attachment of objects must be coordinated with ROOMS4PEOPLE beforehand. Damage to the walls, tables or other furnishings due to the attachment and installation of materials are the responsibility of the Organizer (tenant).

7.2 Any seminar materials or other items brought along must be removed immediately after the end of the event. Otherwise the landlord may remove and dispose of it at the expense of the Organizer (tenant).

7.3 ROOMS4PEOPLE will provide food and beverages in accordance with your order. You can bring your own catering, food and beverages and eat them in the ROOMS4PEOPLE rooms. ROOMS4PEOPLE provides cutlery and dishes, but reserves the right to charge a fee of € 20 plus VAT per day for cleaning and service.

8. Technical facilities and connections, exemption from liability

8.1 If ROOMS4PEOPLE procures technical and other equipment from third parties for the Organizer (tenant) at its instigation, ROOMS4PEOPLE acts in the name, on the authority and for the account of the Organizer (tenant). The Organizer (tenant) is liable for the careful treatment and the proper return. He releases ROOMS4PEOPLE from all claims by third parties from the provision of these facilities.

8.2 The use of the Organizer (tenant)’s own electrical systems using the ROOMS4PEOPLE power grid requires their written consent. Any malfunctions or damage to the technical systems of ROOMS4PEOPLE caused by the use of these devices shall be borne by the Organizer (tenant), insofar as ROOMS4PEOPLE is not responsible for them.

8.3 Faults in the technical or other facilities provided by ROOMS4PEOPLE will be remedied immediately if possible. Payments cannot be withheld or reduced unless ROOMS4PEOPLE is not responsible for these disruptions.

9. Data storage

In accordance with paragraph 33 of the Federal Data Protection Act, the name and address of the Organizer (tenant) as well as all data required for order processing are saved by ROOMS4PEOPLE. By booking, the Organizer (tenant) agrees to the processing of personal data for the purposes of contract processing. ROOMS4PEOPLE provides information about the stored personal data on request. The data will not be passed on to third parties.

10. Final provisions

10.1 Changes or additions to the contract, including changes to them require the written form or the explanation by email. Unilateral changes by the contractual partner are ineffective.

10.2 Place of performance and payment is ROOMS4PEOPLE, Mannhardtstr. 6, 80538 Munich.

10.3 The exclusive place of jurisdiction – also for check and exchange disputes – is Munich, Germany.

10.4 German law applies.

11. Severability clause

If individual clauses of the General Terms and Conditions or the contract concluded with ROOMS4PEOPLE are ineffective, the validity of the other regulations is not affected. The wholly or partly ineffective regulation should be replaced by one whose economic success comes as close as possible to the ineffective and the intention of the parties; the same applies in the event of a loophole. If laws make it necessary to change or adapt individual provisions of this contract, the parties agree to replace the old regulation with the new law until a new regulation is brought about.